Look at these scars,

 look at them, well

they tell a story

my mouth could never tell

look at these scars

every single one

can tell you more about me

than words, or even a song

so if you really think you know me

and this little girl inside

look at these scars

if you want to know

the story of my night

I don´t know what

you think about me

and I don´t care what you say

I just know that I don´t want them

to fade away.

 Look at these scars

when I can´´t speak

you think I´m strong?

they tell of times when I was weak!

Of times I was defeated by

my resistance and my pride

look at them if you want to know

the story of my night.


by AmyBlue



1.10.07 01:32

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